Alain Galet, multimedia artist.

Digital and traditional art creations

Alain (Léon) Galet is born in Paris april 30th, 1958 from a belgian and a half-swedish mother. Lived his chidlhood in Pantin, a small blue-collar suburb in the outskirts of Paris. Whenever it was possible, his mother took him to castles, museums and historical buidings in France and Europe. Around 17 years old, he decided to prepare the nationwide competition to enter the “école des beaux arts de Paris”, the most famous art school in France. The next year, he succceed and began to study there. During the five year he stayed in this school, he studied drawing, sculpture (with César, E.Martin and I.Walberg), photography ( with L.Hamilton), got his degree with very high honors and began a carreer as a sculptor for theatre, television and movie sets as well as an artist, exhibiting mostly sculpture, drawing and painting in Europe.
After a stay in Sweden, he decided to visit friends in Minneapolis where he was invited by University of Minnesota’ studio Art to come back as a guest artist for 3 months and then was interviewed for a postion as a T.A in the U. of M. Theatre departement, postion that he held for three years until guetting his MFA in theatre arts l. He designed sets, costumes and lights for theatres around the twin cities, still during theese times creating sculptures and paintings and shooting pictures. As a set designer, working on computers, discovered the illimited possibilities of computer art and the 3 dimension computerized images......
Then following a five years stay in the USA, he went back to Paris, France to work for the last time on a theatre set while creating and producing a movie short animation done by computer that won a second prize in Tokyo, Japan. Therefore, he decided to concentrate on digital photography that was able to contains all the skills he has developped in the different fields he approached. This why he is using photography in such a new way, far from a classic approach of doing photography.